Bravery is a Necessary Accessory's image

Bravery is a Necessary Accessory

You have the capacity,

Don't have any doubt,

Don't stop your activity,

You will earn a big clout.

Your power, you don't know,

Until you make a hopeful try,

To fear, firmly say a "no"

Then you can touch the Sky.

Victory is within your grasp,

Please make an extra jump,

You will be a winning chap,

Many victories, life will pump.

For dreams to come true,

Work-hard with full might,

Let not defeats give blue,

To score victory, you fight.

To get victory's votes,

Efforts must be continuous,

From past defeats, take notes,

Reward is sure for being zealous.

Learn lessons from experience,

For you, seconds are born newly,

Life comes for beings only once,


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