Bliss I Own Via God in Stone's image

Bliss I Own Via God in Stone

God-faith cures every ailment,

Leave things to His management,

Prayer is the best nourishment,

Bringing to mind contentment.

God only created this Universe,

He possesses Divine powers,

Greatest blessings, He delivers,

Pray to Him at all the hours.

By God-faith when mind is occupied,

It is trained to ever remain unafraid,

Presence of the Almighty is implied,

He is revealed when mercy is applied.

When the Temple-bell is ringing,

What a peace that is bringing!

If His name you are singing,

About you God will be thinking.

Make a Temple visit,

Before God you sit,

Cultivate this habit,

God makes you fit.

When you have now failed,

Never at all become so wild,

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