Betterment is a kind of Anointment's image

Betterment is a kind of Anointment

Thinking is your privilege,

Exercise it shrewdly now.

Before God make a pledge,

To equitably distribute love.

Use your unique brain,

To help this rotating world,

Be helpful like the fair rain,

A great world, try to mold.

Spend not time in sleeping,

Employ in sleep moderation,

Into your heart, do peeping,

To be noble, have inspiration.

Hesitate to work never,

Generate your level best,

Pray to the Lord forever,

For life to be the sunniest.

Others- never at all envy,

Try hard with deep trust,

Let not heart feel heavy,

When fate imposes a test.

Your life should have meaning,

For which you only are in charge,

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