Beings are Candles Whom God Handles's image

Beings are Candles Whom God Handles

Pray to God to kindly visit,

Peace in heart, He will deposit,

Cultivate Temple-going habit,

God's presence is sure, feel it.

Pray and do sincerely duty,

Without in heart having enmity,

God will help you in your activity,

And make others know your ability.

God has His own measurement,

And gives reward or punishment,

To pray, don't do any postponement,

Prayer's power will give astonishment.

By prayer, when sweat is accompanied,

Success is bound to come to you indeed,

To the Almighty when you kindly plead,

God will enter your life to surely lead.

God is always common to all,

He is in charge of the world-ball,

He only built the infinite Sky-wall,

Prayer gives Him a SOS call!

Prayer cancels everything detrimental,

God-faith is

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