Anything Prayer-Boon can Impugn!'s image

Anything Prayer-Boon can Impugn!

Whenever comes a tough adversity,

Get not doomed, use perspicacity,

Like exercise is a solution for obesity,

Prayer guards if is made with intensity,

You may be challenging a hurdle,

May arise confusion in the middle,

In a corner, if you fearfully huddle,

Defeat punishes for remaining idle.

Everyday, duty, if you are meeting,

It then gives fear a severe beating,

Instead if you are just retreating,

Your name, glory will be deleting.

Because of a mischievous mouse,

If you burn your precious house,

Hope-flame you foolishly douse,

Defeat's entry, your act allows.

If your eyes you can't close,

No use if your bed is a rose,

When chances come if you doze,

All your goals, fate will bull-doze.

Prayer preserves mi

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