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Being black


Being muslim

Just being me

Or you just being you

We’re all supposed to be on the same team

At least in my head

But some people are close minded

And want to see some of our teammates dead

Here’s something Jermine Hodge, a young black man said

“I’m just like you

a human

red blood


a moving figure

Why should you treat me

Like I’m about to pull the trigger?”

Over the centuries blacks have been discriminated

Because of the color of their skin

Causing a whole population of HUMANS to become sadder

But at the end of the day we all bleed the same color

So why should what’s on the outside even matter?

Being black, that automatically means you deal drugs

And all the homies you hangout with, they’re just a bunch of  thugs

Who play with guns and are thieves

Who gets chicks knocked up with their baby and then just leaves

Black people are the ones who walk around with sagging pants

The ones who get bullied by the police over “suspected suspicion” and not remaining a “proper stance”

If they walk around in the wrong neighborhood it gives that scared white woman a good reason to dial

But really it’s just a good opportunity to flash the blue lights and racially profile.

People say brown kids were born to end war between the two races

But people who are racist at heart, won’t stop their cruel ways

just because they see more brown faces

I don’t experience racism?

That’s what they think

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