LGBT (Slam Poem #2) / Connor's image

LGBT (Slam Poem #2) / Connor


You may have never heard of this acronym before,

Or maybe you associate it with liberals, or Obama,

Or hippies.

LGBT stands for:


I was approached by a straight man

At a gay bar, who asked me if

I wanted to 'have a good time'.

I told him no.

I could see something in his eyes

Flicker, and he asked me why

I told him I only liked women

In that regard

He stood up angrily,

And told me that I was an

Ugly dke anyway.

LGBT stands for


I was holding hands with

My boyfriend while

We were walking in the park.

We watched an older woman

Walk up to us and say,

"You're going to hell."

I said, "I'll see you there,"

She glared at me before

Storming off in a rage,

mumbling, "Disgusting fg."

On her way.

LGBT stands for


I came out to my family today.

My cousin said,

"You're just confused."

My father said,

"Don't you dare walk in

My house with a f*ggot."

My mother said,

"Pick a side."

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