Freedom's image

All these kids,

They cry,


And *****,


That simple freedom does not concern me.

I want freedom, but not just from my parents so I can stay out late.

I want freedom,

From my peers,

From my family,

From the government,

And from myself.

I want to be free to walk down the halls,

Hand in hand with a girl,

Who I'm in love with.

I want to be able to do that,

With no fear in my heart.

No worries or names called,

Or punches thrown.

I want that freedom.

I want the freedom to be able to bring a girl home,

And show her to my parents,

And tell her how much I love her,

In front of them.

I want to be able to talk to my mom,

About relationship problems,

About the GIRL who broke my heart,

But I cant.

I want the freedom to marry.

To marry any person I choose,

No matter the gender.


Or female,

It should not matter.

My happiness,

And the way I spend my life,

Is not something that should be voted on,

By those with half a brain.

I want freedom from myself,

To accept me,

And be who I am,

Without any shame.

But I can't do that,

Unless I have the freedom from others,

To be me,

And be happy with that.

I want the freedom to be gay.

Some may c

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