Teri Mitti | Tribute -  an ode to our heroes in white's image

Teri Mitti | Tribute - an ode to our heroes in white

We listen the stories of sacrifices of our front-line fighters n this war against the coronavirus pandemic every day. Akshay Kumar and the entire team of film Kesari have come together to recreate the popular song 'Teri Mitti' and pay their tributes to the coronavirus warriors working day in and day out.

The song also acknowledges their relentless fight to keep us safe, despite all the violence and discrimination happening against them.

Paying a tribute to all those who are working, leaving their families behind, the lyrics of the song will bring tears to your eyes.

सुना था डॉक्टर्स भगवन का रूप होते है लेकिन कोरोना वायरस की इस लड़ाई में देख भी लिया...!!

सरहद पे जो वर्दी खाखी थी अब उसका रंग सफेद हुआ

नन्ही सी हँसी

भोली सी खुशी

फूलों सी वो बाहें भूल गये

जब देश ने दी आवाज़ हमें

हम घर की राहें भूल गये

हम सोए नहीं कई रातों से

आए जान-ए-वतन सौ चाँद बुझे

हमें नींद उसी दिन आएगी

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