John Keats : An apothecary , surgeon and Poet !'s image

John Keats : An apothecary , surgeon and Poet !

There is something infinitely healing in

the repeated refrains of nature-the

assurance that dawn comes after night,

and spring after winter.

—Rachel Carson

John Keats’s the famous author who has a poetic achievement in a span of a mere 6 years can only be described as astonishing.

The Journey from Medicine to Poetry

Having been born and raised in London in Oct 1795, unfortunately, while he was 8 years he had lost his father, and his mother to tuberculosis when he was 14 years. In 1815 he had begun medical training at Guy’s Hospital and despite qualifying, he never practised medicine, turning instead to writing poetry.

His very first volume of poems, which was primarily published in 1817, attracted little attention beyond the odd dismissive remark and despite including ‘On First Looking Into Chapman’s Homer’.

Whereas in the same year, when Blackwood’s Magazine has published a series of reviews denouncing what it called the ‘Cockney

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