Gandhi Jayanti 2021:The day of Prayers and wishes!'s image

Gandhi Jayanti 2021:The day of Prayers and wishes!

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti 2021, Kavishala celebrates the precious memories of Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhi Jayanti 2021 this year marks the 152nd birth anniversary of one of India's most inspiring leaders of all time the one and only Mahatma Gandhi.

Mostly called Bapu by the millions of populations, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on the 2nd of Oct 1869, in Porbandar, Gujarat.

Mahatma Gandhi

The man of honesty

The man of Greatness

He is our Mahatma

The father of our nation!

Born in a family

Of Cultured background

Grown in a circle

Of Loving parents.

Honest, truthful and simple

Of body so frail yet nimble

With heart so big and true

With gifts but given to few.

Made many mistakes

Realized his faults

Vowed never to repeat them

And never committed them again.

Loved his motherland

Brought her freedom

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