Drink the cup of life and learn from Great Satirists !'s image

Drink the cup of life and learn from Great Satirists !

“He had the look of one who had drunk the cup of life and found a dead beetle at the bottom.”

― P.G. Wodehouse

Kavishala readers if you're into work and ethics that highlights the absurdity in issues that are actually pretty serious and make you feel loud sometimes, then you're probably a huge fan of satirical fiction.

The significance of Satirists in Literature?

If you aren't sure about which genre to read then, at least a few satirical books will help our readers in choosing the best one. Imagine dark humor, lots of ironies, and exaggeration veering on fantasy, all in the name of critiquing problematic political structures, societal norms, and even human ethics. Our basic goal is to hyperbolize what we accept as normal and expose its underbelly, while also helping us keep our sense of humor along the way.

Satire is a mode of interest, a mood-blowing verse, a mockery to expose, and so much to discover. Explore a few satire books we deemed the best among them and concluded here for you :

Shabab Aalam

He is an outstanding Indian Author, educationalist, and Satirist.

Also possessing the responsibility as the Chairman of Grameen Mukt Vidhyalayi Shiksha Sansthan and the president of the First Aid Council of India.

His famous book SAMANVYA was released by Ram Niwas Goel.

Khushwant Singh

Khushwant Singh was a significant post-colonial writer and Satirist in the English language, the late Khushwant Singh was known for his undistinguishable secularism, power of wit, and deep passion for poetry. A regular contributor by heart to various national dailies, Singh was also famous for his novel Train to Pakistan penned in the year 1956.

Jaspal Bhatti

One of the most popular social satirists in India, the late Jaspal Bhatti graduated from Punjab Engineering College as an electrical engineer.

He was famous for street plays like My Nonsense Club during his co

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