Waiting for the Twelfth's image

Waiting for the Twelfth

In Shia Islam, the Twelfth Imam is said to have disappeared in the ninth century. It’s believed his return at the end of the world will deliver order from the chaos.

no one ever brings up the wages

of virtue    the cost of avoiding

that which you were built

to do     some men actually love

their enemies      remind me to tell you

about them when you arrive and

when will that be again?      I’ve already

spiced the duck and hidden

the sherry      even grain has

genes that say drink this or bend

there so much like our

own     I am rubbing yogurt

through my hair getting ready

for your return     I read old

mail from my bababazorg

the Farsi like tea leaves

or exotic blades     years

ago he melted into the tautness

of earth like a pad of butter on

turtle meat      the birch

curled its tongue     I was full of

credible fears

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