Don't walk away's image

(Verse 1)

Help me

I can't carry on like this

oh darling, without you

I've lost my purpose

when I was with you

it was like the stars had found their shine

I just don't know what I 'ma do without you in my life

(Verse 2)

I trusted you

with all my broken pieces

but you took my heart and left me

all alone and speechless

You gave me all theses promises

said you wouldn't let me hurt no more

but you took those pretty lies of yours

and walked right out the door...


Still, here I am...

crying on my knees

feeling so ashamed of

all my desperate pleas

you'd already made your mind up

but i still begged you helplessly

baby darling please please please...

don't walk away from me

(Verse 3)

I can't breathe

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