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Okinawa Poetic Reflections

Okinawa War thoughts

these dark moods

follow me

as I tour Okinawa

where the last battles

of world war 11 were fought

thousands died

in the first

and last outpost

of the American East Asian Empire

Okinawa Beckons me

Okinawa Japan

kept calling to me

in a dream

notifying me

always in the background

where my memories

always waiting for me

Beckons me

everywhere I go

cosmic reflections

of past lives

never seen before

seems lost in time

maybe just the spirits of the dead

everywhere I see ghosts

Okinawa Street Scene

Walking the streets

of Fabled Naha Okinawa

a life time dream

someday I would visit

I am surrounded

by ghosts of the past

and Japanese beauties

all around me

tempting me

with their sweet smiles

Impure thoughts

fill my head

as they smile at me

and I smile at them

No wonder

so many Soldiers

brought back

Japanese wives

Japanese Coffee Barista

watching the Japanese

coffee barista

preparing my snarling cup

of hot boss coffee

fills my heart

with ****** joy

how I wanted to express

what was on my mind

right then

to the Japanese

coffee barista

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Ghosts of Okinawa

Touring the battlefields

of Okinawa

where so many young men

gave up their life

so many years ago

I see the ghosts

all around me

feel their spirits

floating through the air

Kilroy was here

there and everywhere

whoever that was

and John Dean wannabes

and Elvis wannabes

and so many other wannabes

and I see the ghosts of the fallen heroes

all around me


everywhere in Asia

you see strange variations

of English

Japlish, Konglish, Singlish

the street signs in Okinawa

are all in Chinese, Japanese, English and Koreans

the bus and train announcements as well

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