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four end of the world nightmares

Mountain Forests

Driving through the vast forests

Of Central Oregon

Through the wall of trees

I imagine them talking to me

The trees are whispering

Dark satanic rituals

Voodoo mumble jumble

Evil chanting

Then they speak

Loud and clear

Welcome humans

To our world

You think you are

The king of the world

The lords of creation

Masters of the universe?

Soon, all too soon

God and Gaia his daughter

Will tire of you

Their latest plaything

They will discard you

Throw you down

Disgusted at the world

You have made

You took the world

They gave you for your pleasure

This huge wonderful world

Filled with life

You took a paradise

Beautiful, bountiful

Rich and wonderful world

Turned it into a sewer dump

God and Gaia

Are not happy

Not happy at all

With you stupid humans

They will rise up

Smite you down

And turn you

Into dust in the cosmic wind

And we will laugh

and we will be witnesses

at your funeral

but we will not cry

No one will cry

No one will miss you

No one cares about

The fate of humanity

And so you

Will fade away

Into the distance past

Just dust in the cosmic wind

And the trees started laughing

And the birds and bees

And all the other animals

All joined in the manically laughter

Laughing at the prospect

Of poetic justice

For the enemies

Of the natural world

And the coyotes

And the wolves

Joined in howling

Under the light of the full moon

Thus I imagined

Would be the end of days

The end of the world

And the end of humanity

Another Day Another Shooting

another day in paradise

just another day in America

land of the free

Home of the brave

and guns

lots of guns

more guns for all

cries the NRA

yes another day

another gun battle

another white man

who just wants to ****

the P

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