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the year that was


The world watches in amazement

Longest shut down in history

Watching it all in Korea

contemplating escaping the cold winter


World watches as North Korea and the US

Walking back from the brink of war

escaping the cold winter blues

revisiting Vietnam after 15 years


The chaos president continues his chaos tour

the world begins to ignore his constant insane tweets

heading back to DC inspecting property

seeing old friends glad I retired


the chaos King’s policy remains a shamble

as the Mueller team closes in

in Korea I write a  poem a day

and begin to become a publish writer


watching from afar

the chaos in DC and the world

traveling to DC to inspect property

celebrating my wife’s big 60


the President walks away

from a  non deal with the North Koreans

I am back in DC

end up cruising to Alaska


watching the insanity in DC

while visiting Alaska, Seattle and Yakima

visiting my father’s grave in Yakima

communing with family ghosts


the dog days of summer the world is consumed

wars, rumors of war, trade wars

retuning to Korea

surviving the August sauna like summer


The whistle blower sets off a bomb

the president lies no quid for quo perfect all

trying to avoid watching the news

hiking in the Korean mountains with old friends


the President flitters about my crisis after another

the UN diplomats laugh at him national humiliation

returning to DC  yet again more property blues

celebrating my 64th year orbiting the sun


the House starts formal impeachment hearings

watching fascinated by the impeachment drama

entering my third NoVoWrMo competition with Timeless Love

ending the month sudden surprise trip to Okinawa


the year ends on a high dramatic

President Trump becomes the 3rd impeached President

hiking enjoying the late autumn like weather

contemplating my wealth at the end of the year

the Terrifying Teens


The dark days of the great recession

Begin slowly to fade away

Ending my Barbados experience -the best job in the foreign service  on high note best labor officer award


the president and Congress locked in battle battles

glimmer of hope as economy comes back to life

Studying Spanish arriving in Spain

worst year ever part of three years bad luck


the US re-elects the Black President

rejecting Romney entitlement mentality

I leave Spain my last foreign posting

buying new property in the fall


In the US the religious right

loose the social Battling gay marriage, legal ***

Starting a new job as an evaluate program evaluator

ending my six month wandering the halls of State


The Obama presidency

The tea party rebellion on the right

Moving to Capitol Hill

My sister’s sudden death rattles me


The end of the Obama era

Was this the beginning of the end of America

Beginning the year with a new job

resolving to retire, enjoy life while I still can


American voters and at the madness

Elects the mad would be king President Trump

We traveled across the country 10,000 miles

To celebrate the end of my foreign service career


the year of the chaos president

Fast and furious disruption to the norms

Went to Oregon to renovate property

becoming wealthy in the process


the American public woke up

Send a blue wave to clean up the mess

Moving back to Korea

Blogging up a storm


in the end of the year that was

The house races up and impeach is the president

I travel to Vietnam, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California and Okinawa

2020 Plans Roundeau


Dream what may come

Recalling past lives lived

Every fantasy comes to life

All night long

More nightmares to come

So many worlds to explore



Fate has a way

Always catching up

To you embrace your fate

that is what’s up

at the end of the day

Endless dancing away

The Oyster Speaks Up

A diner sits down

looking forward

to eating oysters

it was their season

after all

just as he was about

to pounce

on the oysters

the head oyster spoke up


hey human what the hell

do you think you are doing

you think you have the right

to eat me?

that’s violating my human right

don’t ya think

the diner laughed

said to the oyster

shut up and accept

it is your fate

to be eaten this date

just let me enjoy eating you

and you have no human rights

as you are in fact

not human don’t ya know

eating the complaining oyster

shutting him up

as he ate him up

We Did Not Take Action to Start a War

(not for publication)

it is a sad day

in the world of ours

the the leader

of the U.S.

is turning into a gangster leader

threatening massive destruction

on Iran and other countries

including destroying cultural sites

not too long ago

such actions was condemned

by the United States

as long as ISIS and others did it

but if Trump does it

it is suddenly okay

although it is a war crime

and telegraphing our moves

telling our enemies

what we are planing

that is the act

of a truly stable genius

who will go down

in history

as one of the greatest presidents

we have ever

and the president

announcing that

that he  took action

to start a war

but to stop a war

is a wonder to behold

every word is false

and everyone knows it

well we are now

going down the Orwellian rabbit hole

and who know where it will end

as our dear leader

screws forth

one lie after another

and our spineless leaders


as American democracy dies

a thousand deaths

with every Presidential tweet

Morning Light

the terrors of the night

the worst imaginings

of what might happen

war, rumors of war

end of civilization

nuclear war

and other horrors

ripped from the headlines

fade away into nothingness

with the morning light

and the love of my wife

who is always by my side

I regain my sight

and begin

regaining my smile

and my life

until the next nightmares

consumes my dark imaginings

Dora the Intergalactic explorer

Dora the intergalactic explorer

Is traveling to the strangest planet

of all the known worlds

she is traveling incognito

with a video crew

making a documentary

the planet earth

is known as a planet

of intelligent monkeys

not much is known

about them

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