Pyramid Scheme's image


the other day i was thinking about the term pyramid scheme, and why they called it pyramid scheme and not triangle scheme

and i asked you what you thought

you thought it added a certain gravitas, and linked the idea of economic prosperity

with some of history’s greatest architectural achievements

unconsciously suggesting a silent wealth of gold and heat

a triangle is two dimensional, and therefore

a less striking mental image than the idea of a third dimension of financial fraud

which is how many dimensions of financial fraud the term pyramid scheme suggests

but i had to pause for a second at the financial fraud part

because it occurred to me i didn’t know what pyramid schemes really were

i knew they had something to do with people getting money from nothing


the person at the top of the pyramid scheme, or more accurately

triangle scheme, acquires a number of investors and takes their money

and then pays the first lot of investors with the money from another bunch of investors

and so on and so forth

all the way to the bottom of the triangle

or pyramid face

which is the kind of stupid thing that happens

if you keep your money in a pyramid and not a bank account

although if you ask me banks are the real pyramid schemes after all

or was love the real pyramid scheme? i can’t remember

maybe it’s better to keep your money in a pyramid than a bank

and i should shop around and compare the interest rates on different pyramids

maybe i should open up a savings pyramid

with a whole bunch of trapdoors and malarias

to keep the financial anthropologists

i mean bankers out

my emeralds cooling under the ground like beautiful women’s eyes

i think this was supposed to be a metaphor for something

but i can’t remember where i was going with it

and now it’s been swept away by the winds of


but knowing me, it was prob

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