North South conundrum in India's image

North South conundrum in India

Of late North South debate is on

Unity in diversity appears to have gone

Even minor differences are highlighted

So what, for long, if they existed.

Even now, North doesn't know South

In that there is no doubt

East and West join them too

For they were a part of their waterloo

For them all south is madras

They know not there are others.

For South, North means Dilli

Dilli means Pradhan mantri

National schemes emanate there

Local governments have to bear

Be it a structure like statue of unity

Or a highway or even a territory.

For North, South is idli vada sambar

Also dosa in several avatar

They speak english tamil or whatever

They know not Hindi or any other

They wear saree dhoti and lungi

Their foreheads bear a bindi.

For South, North means bhalle bhalle

They eat parotta kachori bhature

And roti sabji and dhal with dahi

And speak in Punja

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