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dear audience,

my son agreed to perform this

so that I,

an immigrant,

could have a voice.

he does not understand this.

he has never had to leave

all that he knew and loved

in order to survive.

he is a tourist.

he will not drink tap water.

this is not for him.

this is for the philippines.

though I have not seen much of the world,

I believe that what I have to share

is relevant to many people.

thank you for listening.

yours, liz sia

and now, the poem:

welcome to the third world, assholes!

too late to run now!

you gave us visas to do what was beneath you.

importing us to build your cities,

nanny your children,

and nurse your fragile, antibiotic lives.

your ikea prices fucked our daily wage

and we are tired of sleeping

where your waste is sent,

so we. coming. over.

and you can’t do shit!

your children are too spoiled to stop the,

“immigration problem.”

our, “may I take your order,”

sends dollars, pounds, euros, and yen

back home.

gives our children education with computers,

our uncles houses with doors,

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