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The advent of internet has transformed people's lifestyles in many ways. Beggars are not the excetion either. New Age Beggars are updated enough to exploit the digital mod of payment by manipulating people's emotions. Here is a A humorous poem about online begging.
The Digi Begs [Digital Beggars]
While roaming in the market, 
I saw a beggar on the street,
Who was asking for a grant,
With smartphone at his feet, 
His voice was croaky, 
His clothes were all torn,
Still didn't worry, had,
Paytm on his phone.
He begged from anyone,
On street , he could find,
And offered his barcode,
With hope in his mind.
He called up the kids,
Their moms dads and sis,
And pleaded them all, 
For a little of their bliss.
Please Send me some,
grant he would implore,
I am Just a poor beggar,
With no bread in store.
All laughed at him ,
That Digi beg though,
Still all have granted,
Him bliss of rainbow.
And so on that beggar,
With phone at
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