Charcoal's image
When trees are cut down, in the forests,
It is necessary to make furniture,
by cutting, slicing and making logs.
Wood chips can't be thrown away,
plywood is made, by various techniques.
Seeing the windows and doors of the house,
do we remembere forest or the trees ?
Use of chair, table, wooden beds,
though plastic, iron, various metals,  
have come and taken place.
Charcoal is made from trees, 
electricity, come from coal or water force.
Whether it is an electric furnace, 
or wooden burner, it is death messenger. 
The tree is our lifelong companion,
We can all be sympathetic for them?
I saw Malatidi brushing her teeth with ashes,
She eat charcoal from time to time,
without knowing or understanding.
Today I know that
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